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Hi, Thank you so much for your interest in TBD Connect. This idea came from a similar group that we ran for actors when our production company was in Florida. We pivoted our business when we moved to Atlanta in March of 2020. If you remember March of 2020, that was exactly when the entire world shut down and business came to a screeching halt. 

Now that we are opened up and things aren’t quite at the normal we remember, what we are observing is that businesses are having a harder time ramping back up – particularly solopreneuers an small businesses. We personally had a hard time, being new in town, in finding great local networking and meeting people when we weren’t allowed to go anywhere. So, part of this is selfishly motivated. We need a space to meet other business owners and having resources that they need, puts us a position to help. We started brainstorming and came to the realization that what we need is also what many other business owners need too!

Originally the idea was just to schedule monthly mini-session photo shoots with the intention of using them to meet more local women business owners and to perhaps upgrade a small percentage into individual sessions. And that still is a part of the plan but if you’ve ever discounted your services, you know that most people will take the discount and run and you don’t get a chance to really develop a relationship. So, the next thought was how do we increase the value and give ourselves and others a bigger opportunity. Because we’ve done something similar it was natural to blend into what we are about to spell out below.

This is a very basic outline and it may evolve as more amazing opportunities come along. 

TBD Pictures, will create a once a month branding mini-session for local business owners – starting in Atlanta and then spreading to 3 other cities. Once we get a good footing, we will actively look for photographers in other regions to offer this same service and add to the network. We will also create an option for women outside of our operating areas to benefit from the virtual sessions.

This is Us

Brittney Paul / TBD Pictures

Jenifer Jett / TBD Pictures

Here’s where the added value comes in. Once a month, we will host a virtual meeting with guest presenters sharing topics of interest. Our expertise covers a pretty vast number of topics but we know that we can’t be experts in everything – and even if we did – we’d lose credibility if we tried to be the know it all at everything. So, we are sticking with content creation and brand photography as a topic and inviting others on this topic and any others that are relevant. If women in business are your target market, it’s likely that you’ll have a topic worth discussing.

This is a full run down of what we are planning:

Welcome to TBD Connect

The name may change if we come up with something better, collectively but the intent will be the same. Once a month, we will meet up for a Branding Mini-session - each time in a new location, themed for the needs of what might be up and coming in the months to follow. For example, in October we'll plan for the holidays, in November, the New Year and we'll plan these sessions together so that they aren't just some silly pictures in Santa hats or confetti. These will also be elevated well beyond the working from a laptop, drinking a cup of coffee pics. (BTW, we love those photos. We have those photos because they are authentic to our brand but we are willing to bet that there are way better stories to tell about you and your business.) We'll help you discover them and translate them into photos. The value of this at minimum is $300-$350 when you count the sitting fee, editing, and commercial license. But a package that inexpensive isn't even available - it's not worth the time It would take to pack our gear, shoot, edit, and deliver the product.

That's where the mini-session comes in. We'll do all of the above at a really discounted price in a group setting. More on the $ in a minute. Because there is more to a branding session than just standing in front of a camera and hoping for the best, we'll host in-person and virtual meetings all month long to network, develop collaborations, talk brand strategy, and more. Check out the proposed schedule below. There will be no additional costs. All of this comes at the price of a once-a-month mini-session.

Join Us in Atlanta!

For example...

A typical month might look like this:

Week 1 (Value $750) - We'll walk one member through our in-depth brand strategy session live via Zoom. Everyone in attendance gets the benefit of not only seeing the process in action but we'll all collaborate and give input. Our Brand Strategy session was designed specifically for planning what we call Brand Stories for your photo session but you'll find that identifying your Brand Stories will reach well beyond just your photos.

Week 2 - An in-person networking event (location TBD - see what we did there). We'll meet somewhere new each month at either a member's business location if you have a venue you'd like to show off or somewhere interesting where we can relax, make connections, and get some fun photos that everyone will have the rights to use. (Everyone will agree that no photos will be used of another individual without their permission).

Week 3 (Value $350) - Your Photo Mini session. We'll plan an all-day event so that you can work it into your work and personal responsibilities. An individual mini session will take 20 minutes to an hour maximum.

Week 4 - A virtual Social Media Power Hour or a pop-up training provided by an expert in Branding, Social Media Strategy, Personal or Professional Development, or any other relevant topics that come up.

Brand Shoot with Fitness Influencer Brittany Corbett

We are strategically adding members and we don’t expect a firm commitment until the audience is of a size that is useful for you. We'll set up a call to discuss the particulars. Knowing the topics and speakers available will help us to promote and we will add your name to our promotions if you’re comfortable with us doing so.

What size audience would be necessary for this to worth your time, bearing in mind that these will be business owners who have proven their willingness to invest in their business and not just passive observers.