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Results driven business owners, ambitious content creators, innovative bloggers, determined influencers, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, & high-reaching humans (like us!)

Being one of the above, the super hero of your business the bringer of bad-assery, we don't have to tell you that your (potential) clients and audience have to see your authenticity (and product, service, etc.) on the regular before they see the value in hiring, following, or buying.

The problem that we ALL face, is that we are so busy working in our businesses that we never find the time to promote our business. So we find ourselves rotating the same old 10 images (or worse, scrounging for a stock image that's not so bad)

And to go from bad to worse, the photos are from different sources with inconsistencies, in lighting, editing, style, so that the final effect feels disconnected and chaotic - a duct taped version of what you see in your head but that never quite translates.


We're Jenifer & Brittney

The two halves of the whole of TBD Pictures. We can 1000% relate to the "what to post" pain and the struggle of scrambling to find the right image right now!

What if we could show you how you can create a library of branded images that truly represent the full picture of who you are and have your target market / audience rivetted by your content?

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