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We get the struggle! marketing your business and developing a constant library of photo, graphic, and digital content can be a full-time job of its own. We also get that a lot of business owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs are sort of restarting after a lot of time off or are starting new ventures out of necessity and bootstrapping (and let's be honest, often duct-taping a business together.)

Whatever your experiences have been these past 2 years, we believe that there has never been a better time to work for yourself and that it is past time for us to come together to improve the landscape not only for ourselves but to develop a sort of Operations Manual for the women that come after us. Whether we realize it or not, every tiny success and even setback, is paving the way for the girls who are watching us. We owe it to ourselves and to her, to use our unique gifts.

To say we can't do it alone is inaccurate. We can do it all if we really choose to but at what cost? Let's not waste years of time reinventing best practices and sacrificing time that can be much better spent. We've all learned a thing or two about time in these past 2 years, haven't we? Time is an interesting thing. There is so much of it and yet there is never enough. We vow to be better at time management when it's impossible to manage time. TIme is bigger than we are. It's energy that needs managing. And we can manage our energy by leaning on each other's strengths.

So, we got to chatting. One way to pave the way in a chosen niche is to recognize a need and fulfill it. Business owners, content creators, influencers, bloggers, solopreneurs, consultants, coaches - pretty much anyone who relies on (or would like to) on their own skills, knowledge, gifts, and ENERGY needs social proof to draw an audience. TBD Pictures can fulfill that need. The catch is that it can be expensive and for good reason. The normal investment in branding photos includes our time, our skills, our expensive equipment, our creative ENERGY, hours of editing to make sure the photos represent a brand's "vibe", and a commercial use license which basically means the client can use the photo in nearly any way that they choose, and a final product that stands out and gives your audience a feeling of permanence. Don't get us wrong, the occasional selfie is great for that authentic, "I'm a real human" tone but relying on selfies alone can give off a DIY attitude that might not be noticed but it will be felt.

This is Us

Brittney Paul / TBD Pictures

Jenifer Jett / TBD Pictures

The Solution

We believe that what a lot of us have been missing these past 2 years is really good connection. You need more content but how can you get quality content if you aren't actually doing anything or going anywhere? (Or, is that just us?) So here it is. The endgame is amazing content that looks authentic because it is authentic. We're excited and nervous to share but here it goes:

Welcome to TBD Connect

The name may change if we come up with something better, collectively but the intent will be the same. Once a month, we will meet up for a Branding Mini-session - each time in a new location, themed for the needs of what might be up and coming in the months to follow. For example, in October we'll plan for the holidays, in November, the New Year and we'll plan these sessions together so that they aren't just some silly pictures in Santa hats or confetti. These will also be elevated well beyond the working from a laptop, drinking a cup of coffee pics. (BTW, we love those photos. We have those photos because they are authentic to our brand but we are willing to bet that there are way better stories to tell about you and your business.) We'll help you discover them and translate them into photos. The value of this at minimum is $300-$350 when you count the sitting fee, editing, and commercial license. But a package that inexpensive isn't even available - it's not worth the time It would take to pack our gear, shoot, edit, and deliver the product.

That's where the mini-session comes in. We'll do all of the above at a really discounted price in a group setting. More on the $ in a minute. Because there is more to a branding session than just standing in front of a camera and hoping for the best, we'll host in-person and virtual meetings all month long to network, develop collaborations, talk brand strategy, and more. Check out the proposed schedule below. There will be no additional costs. All of this comes at the price of a once-a-month mini-session.

Join Us in Atlanta!

For example...

A typical month might look like this:

Week 1 - We'll walk one member through our in-depth brand strategy session live via Zoom. Everyone in attendance gets the benefit of not only seeing the process in action but we'll all collaborate and give input. Our Brand Strategy session was designed specifically for planning what we call Brand Stories for your photo session but you'll find that identifying your Brand Stories will reach well beyond just your photos.

Week 2 - An in-person networking event (location TBD - see what we did there). We'll meet somewhere new each month at either a member's business location if you have a venue you'd like to show off or somewhere interesting where we can relax, make connections, and get some fun photos that everyone will have the rights to use. (Everyone will agree that no photos will be used of another individual without their permission).

Week 3 - Your Photo Mini session. We'll plan an all-day event so that you can work it into your work and personal responsibilities. An individual mini session will take 20 minutes to an hour maximum.

Week 4 - A virtual Social Media Power Hour or a pop-up training provided by an expert in Branding, Social Media Strategy, Personal or Professional Development, or any other relevant topics that come up.

Brand Shoot with Fitness Influencer Brittany Corbett

Okay but what else?

Okay, okay, there's more. but before we get to that, we want to make it clear that we aren't doing this out of the kindness of our hearts. We flatter ourselves into thinking we are pretty kind. It's kind of a part of our brand. And if we are being honest, pulling this all together is a bit of work that's totally worth it to us because of what we will gain from it as well. We never want anyone to have to ask, "What's the catch." or to be suspicious of our motives. We have simply identified a need and can match it with our abilities. The opportunity to meet dozens of women in business, like us but different from us, is crucial to our success. If that's true for us AND it's true for you, then this is a good place for you to be.

On to the what else? There will likely be a lot of extras that we can't even anticipate and as this network grows, and new women join us, we'll all get to benefit from the uniqueness that each woman brings. But beyond those unknowns, this network will also provide:

  • The ability to offer discounts to other group members and/or to the public. It will be encouraged (but not required) for each of us to share each other's offers, events, etc. via our own social media.
  • A space to create collaborations, events, or giveaways.
  • A constantly updated library of customizable social graphics and images to draw from when you don't have anything else to post. (See example below.)
  • Monthly virtual meetups.
  • In-person networking events - currently only in Atlanta.

We'll show you how to quickly edit images similar to these to match your brand colors and fonts and then we'll keep them coming.


Remember that the photos and sitting fee alone are valued at a minimum of $300. Add the library of social media photos and graphics, events, trainings, and growing network, and we can easily estimate a value of several hundreds of dollars. The investment for Founding Members is as low as $125 / month. For this, you'll receive 5 professional brand images and everything we've mentioned so far as well as anything we add In the future. The sitting fee for members is waived and you'll be offered discounts on extra photos if you ever need them. There's not a contract or any long-term obligation.

Ready to start or have a question? Let us know below and get on our list now. We're scheduling our first dates soon!